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20+ Point Safety Check

Beco Inc. was the first in the Triad to develop a home safety inspection plan. Our safety check includes a full diagnostic analysis of your home’s electrical system.


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Some items that we check for include:

  • Check for proper grounding of the main electrical service into your home
  • Inspect the meter base for water damage, corrosion and that is was properly sealed- improper sealing could cause people or pets to be electrocuted
  • Main breakers or fuses
  • Visually inspect the fuse or breaker panels for blank spaces which could cause an electric shock if not covered
  • Check to assure the proper breakers or fuses are used on all circuits in the home to prevent a fire hazard
  • Check load center/panel for proper grounding
  • Check for proper grounding of all appliances, washers, dryers, ranges, ovens, etc. (if outlets or junction boxes are accessible)
  • Check to assure all unused electrical outlets have the proper covers or plates installed
  • Verify all light fixtures are properly grounded
  • Check to assure proper lamp/bulb sizes are used in all lighting fixtures to prevent a fire hazard
  • Check to verify that all GFCI receptacles or breakers are functioning properly
  • Verify all outdoor lighting is working properly
  • If multi-outlet strips are used, verify they are adequate to handle the devices plugged into them
  • Visually inspect the wiring, insulation and other components in the panel or fuse box for evidence of arching/carbon build up-or excessive overheating
  • Verify that any metal water piping in the home is properly bonded
  • Check extension cords
  • Check smoke detectors for proper operation