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Generac Service in Greensboro, High Point, Burlington, & Winston Salem

Need service for your backup generator? Whether it’s your home, office, commercial or industrial business that employs a backup Generac generator, it requires annual service to change the engine oil and filter, check the fuel and voltage regulation, and to complete overall evaluation and maintenance to keep your backup generator in peak operating condition. Greensboro, High Point, Burlington, and Winston Salem all get a share of ice storms, high winds and heavy rain each year that can take the power out for several hours and sometimes days. If you’re not having your backup generator properly serviced, you could get caught without heat or air conditioning, refrigeration, lights and, heaven forbid, television when you need it most.

For backup Generac service in Greensboro, Burlington, High Point and Winston Salem, call for service by certified, professional Generac trained technicians at Beco, Inc. Beco, Inc’s standby generator service is done on an annual basis per the generator manufacturer’s specifications and on an as needed basis. Annual service is billed at time of service is done so there are no long term contracts with up-front payments required.

Can you perform preventative maintenance to reduce your standby generator repair? You can – but preventative maintenance cannot replace the necessary annual service.

Here are a few tips for keeping your backup generator in good, working condition:

  • Once a week, your generator will “exercise:” It kicks on, runs a self-test then kicks off again until next week. Listen for the generator to exercise. If you don’t hear it, call Beco, Inc. to come investigate. It may be that the generator is set to exercise when you’re not around: Beco, Inc can change that. If the generator doesn’t exercise, it may need repair.
  • Keep abreast of gas line maintenance at your home and in your area. Your backup generator is powered by natural gas and disruption in gas service could affect your backup generator.
  • Keep the area around your backup generator unobstructed and clean. Your backup generator needs to be able to draw clean, unobstructed air for proper operation.
  • Be careful when digging in the vicinity of your backup generator to avoid cutting into underground electrical or gas lines.
  • Replace the backup generator battery at least once every three years.


Your backup generator is a little like your car: If you want it to last and to work when you need it, you’ve got to keep it maintained and serviced. Call Beco, Inc or Contact Us for backup Generac service in Greensboro, High Point, Burlington, and Winston Salem.