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Energy Saving Products

Energy saving products are available to our residential customers to help lower power bills and homeowner energy consumption

Beco Inc. offers a variety of energy saving products to help lower the overall energy consumption of residential customers. By taking advantage of these energy saving products, electrical energy usage levels may drastically be lowered which in turn creates a substantial decrease in the residential power bill as well.

See below to learn more about some of the energy saving products and services offered by Beco Inc. to start saving money and conserving energy at your home!

Lighting Controls

Lighting controls help to conserve energy in a variety of ways. A few examples of lighting control options are dimmers, radio RA systems, photocells, and time clocks.

Dimmers conserve energy by creating the option of adjusting the lighting levels when the highest level of lighting is not needed. Radio RA systems are used to operate lighting with lower light levels while providing complete control to the user. Photocells and time clocks are also a lighting control option that helps conserve energy. Photocells and time clocks are primarily used on outside lights as a control mechanism that lights an area only when needed therefore creating a more efficient outdoor lighting system overall.

Occupancy Sensors

Occupancy sensors, commonly referred to as motion sensors, may be installed as a new option or in place of an existing lighting system. The advantage of this type of system install is the ability to conserve energy by controlling lighting by sensors. The sensors turn on lighting only when someone is present in an area by detecting activity; the designated area for the sensors is defined by the user during install. By turning the lights off automatically once activity is no longer detected in the defined area, the sensors become a tool of convenience and energy reduction. Increased security is also a benefit of occupancy sensors which allows lighting to be turned on when activity is detected.

Energy Audit

Energy audits provide a way to evaluate the current energy usage throughout your home. This process helps to provide a detailed report of energy consumption levels and locate the high energy usage areas both inside and outside of your home. Through the energy audit process we are able to provide savings and energy improvement through suggestions on changes that may be made such as the type of bulbs, lighting systems, etc


Timers are a great way to save energy, money and increase security at your home. Timers may be added to your lighting system or as a replacement for existing interior or exterior lighting. With timers, we are able to provide multiple light sequences. This allows you, the homeowner, to set the timers and never worry about turning the lights on and off.

Consumption Meters

There is an assortment of consumptions meters that are available to allow homeowners to monitor their appliances, devices, etc. The main job of these consumption meters is to help determine where adjustments can be made with usage of these items or lifestyle habits in order to reduce overall energy used and to reduce the power bill as well.


Various lamp types may serve as energy saving tools for the homeowner. Compact fluorescent lamps can replace incandescent lamps, T5 and T8 fluorescents to replace T12 fluorescent, and LED lamps to save energy in lieu of all halogen and incandescent lighting. LED under counter lighting is also available as an energy saving swap for other under counter lighting options. Changing lamps to more energy conservative lamp types increases lamp life, lowers air conditioning costs and reduces overall energy consumption and cost in your home.

Attic Fans

Attic fans are a valuable addition to your home in order to lower heat and improve air circulation in your attic space. Attic fans also help to reduce your home’s air conditioning bill while creating a more energy efficient space. Attic fans are also useful to reduce moisture in the attic which in turn increases roof life, saving you money on costly roof repairs and replacements in the future. Also available are solar attic fans, please see the solar section for more details.