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Telephone, Data & Cable Service & Repair

Let Beco Inc. help with all of your residential telephone, data, and cable TV needs through various service options.

Technology has become a large part of everyday life for a large majority of households. The placement and structure of the wiring and outlets for these technologies as well as the visual aspect of how this technology is displayed has become important to the residential customer over the years. At Beco Inc. we strive to provide what our customers want and therefore provide services in the various aspects of the telephone, data, and cable TV installation process.

Below are just a few examples of services we offer in this area to our residential customers:

  • Telephone and Data Cabling
  • Telephone and Data Outlet Relocations and/or Additions
  • CATV Outlets
  • Wireless Applications
  • Flat Screen TV/Monitor Installation and Wiring Capabilities