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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does Beco “no overtime ever for residential customers” mean?

There are no extra charges for any residential work performed 24 hours per day, 365 days a year including holidays and after hours. This includes emergency service calls as well as non-emergency service calls. With scheduling available for after hours and on weekends, the need to miss work for electrical service needs is virtually eliminated.

Q: What is a 20+ Safety Check and how does it benefit the customer?

Beco checks several electrical items to make sure there are no apparent safety problems or maintenence items that need immediate attention. We list any items that may require attention and customer approval is required prior to any repairs being performed.

Q: What can you do if your kitchen, bathroom, garage, or outdoor outlets are not working properly?

Look for a tripped GFI receptacle and there will be a reset button note. There could be several outlets affected by this tripped GFI receptacle. **If you are unable to locate the reset button or if that does not solve your problem, then give us a call

Q: How does Beco handle after hour calls?

Call the Beco Inc. main number and follow the prompts for our on-call technician. Our on-call technician will then contact you within 30 minutes to assist you.

Q: What separates Beco Inc. from other electrical companies?

Beco trucks are all logo marked and Beco service technicians are in Beco uniforms for security Beco trucks are radio dispatched and GPS tracked All technicians carry vacuum cleaners to keep your house or business clean after service All technicians wear footies to protect your flooring, etc. and cotton gloves when applicable

Q: If Beco did not do the original installation can we service anyway?

This does not affect what we are able to service.Example-If someone else installed a generator at your home, Beco can set up an annual service plan and take over service from there.